Wireless energy

So I came across one of my all time favorite topics: wireless energy. It was mentioned during Foocamp. I personally came across the idea 8 years ago when I was staying  in Scotland with a friend in his very old house. In the bathroom there was this cord to pull in order to switch the light on. It made me think how wireless energy would change the game. Of course the infrastructure of every building to be built would be very different. Copper prices would fall because nobody needs wiring in buildings anymore. Lithium prices would increase because in order to receive initial wireless energy every light bulb etc. would need to be able to be in a kind of stand-by mode. The problem of cars running on electric power and the issue of too little batteries would also be resolved. There are already studies on induction spoils underneath the highway, but this wouldn’t be needed anymore. On the other hand we probably would need to invest heavily in the security/fashion industry. This will merge in the future because Gucci will try to get into the now suddently promising helmet market. Helmets will need to be designed nicer in the future since everybody will wear them to get rid of the constant buzzing sound in their ears due to long range wireless energy transition.

Every energy consuming item as a fridge, lamp or ipad will need to be identified to whom it belongs. This will allow for a clear identification of the owner and a correct billing. After all, the energy waves won’t stop at your footstep, so it needs to be sure that your lazy neighbor cannot mooch your energy.

Once the minor open technological questions are answered this industry will a marketing dream. So buckle up and plug out.


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